A Lifetime Experience of Farmers' Markets

by NxBizSuccess

Robert and Ruth Johnson, owners of Johnson Farm Vegetables and Melons (North Bend, NE) share their 25 years of experience with Farmers' Market. First step is to prepare the produce and package according to the sell, bulk or pre-packaged. Rent vending space by the season so people know where you are located each week at the market, bring own tent for cover. Price is set by comparison with retail stores or other market vendors. Customers vary - young and old, high and low incomes, ethnic groups. Customers are curious how product is raised and where it comes from. It's important to establish a relationship with customers. Provide value and share recipes with customers. Information on available produce and a new recipe is add to their website each week. (

Produce Measurement Regulations at Farmers' Markets

by NxBizSuccess

Steve Malone, Administrator of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Division, shares the "how-to" on correctly packaging produce for a farmers' market. If selling products by weight, the producer must have an authorized scale. Contact the Department of Ag for approved scales. Two options for selling produce: (1) sell from bulk, no packaging required. Customers select the product they want which is then weighed and priced according to the weight. (2) pre-packaged by weight. The packaging must have a label or placard that states the quality and price. Only one method can be selected for each product sold. For more information contact 402.471.4292 or A University of Nebraska publication on Weights and Measures is also available at