NebraskaEDGE® is the umbrella organization for rural entrepreneurial training programs hosted by local communities, organizations and associations. Since 1993, the NebraskaEDGE® has helped nearly 2,250 individuals, small business owners and their partners start and improve their businesses. Over 100 training courses have been held in urban and rural communities across Nebraska. Positive results of NebraskaEDGE® programs can be observed all across the state.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska®

Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska

Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska is an outreach and marketing program to promote and support local foods. The program began in 2006 after tremendous research was done by a conglomeration of consumers, farmers, non-profits and small local businesses that wanted to create a local food system. With on-going grass roots support, it is a collaborative effort of the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society, Nebraska Cooperative Development Center, and Great Plains RC&D. Along with our national partner FoodRoutes Network.

Nebraska Cooperative Development Center

The Nebraska Cooperative Development Center (NCDC) is Nebraska’s nonprofit center for cooperative based business development. NCDC provides education, training and technical assistance to cooperatively owned businesses and is committed to creating sustainable communities where people work together to meet their needs and reach their goals.