The faculty and staff have been featured in numerous articles in the Cornhusker Economic Development Newsletter. To read these articles displaying the hardwork and dedication of the faculty and staff visit our Cornhusker Economics Articles page.

The Journal Articles page contains the collection of write ups that have been done regarding the outreach and research programs within CARI. As well as the Journal features that have been submitted during grant work completed by the department.

Technology is used in full force by this outreach center be sure to view the Presentations, Webinars, and Videos that have been created by the staff for a variety of projects. CARI works hard to stay on the cutting edge with technology and their presence with webinars, a youtube channel and plenty of presentations keeps them in the game.

With tremendous grant work that the CARI Outreach center does for Nebraska there is a great deal of research briefs that are written throughout the year. It is our pleasure to share our information with others so that we may all grow together in knowledge.

Archived Articles & Publications

To view any of our past articles, presentations, or briefs feel free to check into our archives.